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Rental Requirements

Our customers need to fulfill the requirements and provide necessary information before opting for car in UAE. All the requirements and limitations are according to the UAE laws and regulations. The hirer has to provide copy of passport, visa and driving license.


Every person who needs a car is to be over the age of 21 and should have a valid driving license for more than six months. The hirer has to provide copy of passport, visa and driving license. All the documents that are provided need to have similar information, that is name, date of birth, origin etc. In case of discrepancies, confusions and mismatched information, we will not be able to provide a car on hire.

Authorized Drivers

Only authorized drivers can drive vehicles owned and rented by Amex Cars. An authorized driver would be the person who has paid for the car. All the additional people who accompany the renter and intend to drive the vehicle could be asked to sign up as an authorized driver before the vehicle gets handed over. Each authorized driver would need to present his/her documents of identification and driving license. All the documents and requirements that need to be fulfilled by the renter are to be provided by the authorized drivers as well.

Driving license

The renter should have a valid driving license in his or her own name issued by the country of origin. The driving license should have been issued to and in possession of the renter for a period of at least 6 months. Citizens from certain countries such as US, UK, Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Spain, Canada, Poland, Finland, South Africa, New Zealand, Romania and Australia can rent a vehicle in UAE while on a visit with their original driving license issued from their native country.

Visitors from countries such as Korea, Turkey, Japan and Greece who gets a car from Amex need to get their original valid driving license translated into English for them to qualify for the rental. Visitors from all other countries need to present an international driving license for the fulfillment of the requirement. For UAE residents and nationals, having a valid local license is a must and needs to be presented at the time of hiring the vehicle.

Driving license requirements have been framed according to the UAE laws and are subject to any changes made by the authorities


For complete identification and verification, we require you to present your original and valid passport of the country you originate from or hold a nationality of. You are required to have your passport and other travel documents with you at the time of booking or pick up a car, while on the trip and also at the time of dropping the car back to us.

The original passport needs to be seen and used by our representative for verification and data maintenance. You are also required to have a few copies of your passport and travel documents with you, at least a single copy would need to be submitted, after which your requirements would be completed so that vehicle you have chosen for rent can be handed over to you.

The passport and other travel documents you present should remain valid for the complete period of your visit and the duration of your rental service. No service can be provided on the basis of invalid, incomplete or unsatisfactory passports or travel documents. Make sure you have all the documents ready and in your possession before you approach us for booking and vehicle pick up. For UAE nationals, the requirement is to present a valid identification card or document for verification.

Verification of travel documents needs to be done for all the authorized drivers who accompany the renter. Amex is entitled to take details of all the people who accompany the renter at the time of travel.


For uninterrupted service from us, you are required to have a valid visa for the UAE. We cannot proceed with providing any vehicle on hire unless the customer gives us a valid visa and permission to stay in the UAE. The duration of the visa should in no way be lesser than the period of the service you have opted for. There should be enough room between the duration of the visa and car service.

The original visa needs to be presented to our representative at the time of vehicle pick up for verification and record maintenance. Every individual who accompanies the renter who is also an authorized driver would need to comply by all the requirements that the renter does. Amex holds the right to ask for details and information along with the verification documents and visa of additional driver who will be accompanying the renter during the conveyance rental period.


We are flexible when it comes to paying the security. For travelers it is convenient that we put a block of 1500 AED on their credit card which will be released two weeks after returning the car. If you are a resident in the UAE then we accept a security cheque of 1500 AED which is also returned back after 14 days of returning the car.