sonata_interior sonata_2 2014-hyundai-sonata

2800 AED per month. The Hyundai Sonata literally slides through the air. Thanks to its aerodynamically sloped bonnet, windscreen and sculpted rear. Add agile, precisely weighted steering for brisk control and secure handling. Increased road and trace stability. Distinguished body motion control, Improved shocks, and high specification suspension for a ride that is smoother than smooth. Fuse that with a sub-ventilation air-conditioning system that effectively cools the entire cabin without direct airflow, luxurious pillow seats and lavishly soft door and center console armrests. You will begin to see why you do not just drive in a Hyundai Sonata, you revel in it. The Sonata’s cabin is ergonomically designed so that driver and passenger amenities are within quick and easy reach. The audio controls are set a little higher on the center stack, making them easier to check while staying focused on the road. The dual automatic climate control offers custom settings for the driver and front passenger along with floor console air vent controls for rear passengers. Steering-wheel-mounted audio and cruise controls keep your attention on the business at hand. You can see average speed, average and instant fuel consumption, and miles to empty. Part of designing a Sonata that's more beautiful on the inside is giving you a better view of what's outside. With the available power tilt-and-slide dual panoramic sunroof, everyone can get their daily dose of sunshine, fresh air and vitamin D.

Monthly Rent : 2800 AED